Yes, we can, because you make it possible. Thank you!

 Thank you!

11 PM and we are packing the hackathon kits for the weekend. So many parts. So much work!

And of course we are reminded that this hackathon would not be possible without the support of our awesome SPONSORS and the COMMUNITY. Nothing and I mean nothing would be possible without all of you rallying around an idea and helping us make it happen. So from the bottom of our heart: THANK YOU for believing, thank you for landing a hand and thank you for making this dream possible.

Thanks to (in alphabetical order, and we love you all to the same): betakit, brian sharwood, commonsku, conveyorbuilt, cortex design, craig saila, homezilla, hubba, instructables, interaccess, jen dodd, joseph puopolo, kapik integration, MEIC, mozilla,, normative, polarmobile, richard lam, rightsleeverob tyrie, tara hunt,, thomas purves, tineye, thinkthank lab, upverter

[photo copytight]

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