TweetBeam: Engaging our Robohackers through Social Media


Get Your Bot On! is passionate about innovative, new tech and we are very excited to partner with


to create a twitter wall during and after our robotics hackathon. TweetBeam is an Amsterdam-based company that has transformed the way social media can be displayed. This platform allows you to engage with your audience and make them an interactive part of your event. Here's how it works, TweetBeam streams from hash tags and/or accounts which can be displayed on multiple screens. You are also be able to link the interactive display on your website to share with others!  Innovative isn't it?

Want to  learn more about them? You can find more information on their website


 ( Here are

 examples of their twitter walls

. We encourage all Robohackers to check out our

twitter wall

 this weekend (click the image above). Don't forget to use the official hashtag


and post pictures of your projects through the weekend. It's going to be an exciting weekend of creativity, innovation and teamwork!

You can follow TweetBeam on


& contact them via email:

. Thank you TweetBeam for providing an innovative platform for our Robohackers to share their special hackathon moments!

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